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I am Marie and I am offering you Private Coaching for Health (Nutrition & Fitness) and Yoga.
Often, we are fighting ourselves when it comes to happiness. For me, happiness sparks from a place where I feel physically and mentally in balance. Through years of self-practice and experience of working with all kinds of students, I can offer you practical steps and a hand, so you can become a healthier, fitter and happier version of yourself.

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Free Meditations

These meditations help you to practice organising and calming your mind.They will be frequently updated. The recordings are from live sessions, which you can join for free, by using the App…

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About Me

Let me tell you a part of my story…

I grew up in Berlin. Having doctors as parents and being introduced to meditation & dance at an early age heavily influenced me on my path to becoming a Coach. I have been a Fitness & Yoga Teacher since 2014 and worked for various studios, events and companies. I very much enjoy life-long learning and diving deeply into nerdy science topics. I have a Master’s in Biology, I studied a bit of Medicine and I am currently doing a Master’s in Psychology.

I was very good at living up to other people’s expectations. For many years I tried to prove my worth by working a lot, until a point where I realised that my true self was hiding all along… That I have neglected the light and creative part of me. I chose to not become a doctor and I surrendered to the great feeling of carving my own path. I learnt how to take care of my own health, happiness and energy. And I promised myself to live a life full of creativity, love and freedom.