Free Meditations

These meditations help you to practice organising and calming your mind.They will be frequently updated. The recordings are from live sessions, which you can join for free, by using the App “Actio”. If you enjoy them and would like to support my work, so that I can spend more time and resources creating content, it

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Why do we practice Yoga? 

I invite you to ask yourself this question while I will take you on a journey: We will revise where Yoga came from and what core principles it is driven by. Be aware that I will include a lot of foreign-sounding Sanskrit terms. The words of the ancient language carry various meanings. I’d like to think

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Deciding to love yourself

You know what they say about the importance of self-love. That it solves so many of your problems and even contributes to other peoples well-being? I’ve heard that, SO many times. And actually, it took me a long time to really believe it when it came to myself. I said “yes”, but my heart still

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