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Having a coach makes the difference

As a coach, I support you with my expertise, bring sunshine on grey days and keep you accountable. Maybe you have struggled before with making healthy choices. If so: don’t be hard on yourself, it is completely normal! I will help you to establish a lifestyle that makes you healthy– including finding a diet and sports routine that works.

You can book in for a specific class, e.g. Yoga, or for the health coaching program. The program is really hands-on and therefore recommended for those who want to achieve great changes and struggle with establishing health habits by themselves.

Find balance and be healthy in body, gut & mind

Especially nowadays, many of us struggle with finding a healthy lifestyle that works. You might struggle with regular movement, diet or the relationship with yourself. If one pillar of health is out of balance, it also affects the mind and the life experience. But the great thing is that once you commit to the work with yourself, improvements translate into other areas of life. Becoming more healthy means, not only defeating illness but bringing all parts of you into a state of well-being and balance. A place of energy, raw power and freedom that allows you to live to the fullest.

Mindful Health

1-one-1 program

In the “Mindful Health” program we work on all the building blocks that make you feel good about yourself. Classes contain a mix of Fitness, Pilates & Yoga but also nutritional coaching and sparks of Mindfulness practice.
I want you to enjoy the training and journey, therefore every program is very individual.

>> 10 classes (75 minutes)
>> Private Online Coaching
>> Contact me for a free consultation.

Book 1-one-1

Yoga, Health Coaching, Fitness, AcroYoga

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1 hourOnline50 Book now
10 Times PassOnline450 Book now
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Are you interested other formats (e.g. offline, workshops)? Use the contact form, I am looking forward to hearing from you!