Yoga is for everyone. You don’t need to bring gymnastic expertise or be spiritual. Discover it’s meaning for yourself and nobody else.

If you always wanted to start Yoga or you want to deepen your practice, this course is perfect for you. Yoga is a powerful tool to release tension, balance your mind and simply feel better. This course will help you to grow within your practice, push you and give you ll the tools to practice Yoga confidently for yourself.

What to expect

  • 10 Private Yoga Classes (60 minutes)
  • Free consultation (30 minutes)
  • Knowledge about Alignment, Physiology & Philosophy
  • Poses to train the whole-body
  • Learn how to build flows
  • Insights into training principles to improve flexibility & strength
  • Meditation & Breath-work

What matters.

Whether you like a challenging practice or a relaxing session, that is up to you. I like to mix and match different Yoga Styles (let’s not name them) and bring in some fun and lightness. One class can be slow and meditative and in another we are going to sweat lakes. I believe that, rather than being dogmatic and follow strictly one style, it is useful to have a wide repertoire and be able to respect your day to day state.

Show up, step onto the mat and you have already won.


Be Aware. Accept yourself. Practice.