3 weeks to your Headstand!

Here is how it goes:

Try to join as many classes as possible, but at least one of each theme.

  • “Strength” is for building up the power in your arms and core that you need.
  • “Confidence” is packed with exercises that make being upside down like taking a stroll.
  • “Variations” teaches you ways in and out headstands as well as arm variations.

Starting with inversions can be scary. And nobody really wants to fall on their head.
The things is, there is a safe way of practicing them and actually, start enjoying them a lot.

These classes will not only benefit you for achieving a headstand but also give you a great foundation for further practice like forearmstand & handstand.

So who is this challenge for? Anybody, who wants to learn Headstand. You can be a Yoga beginner or more experienced

Your price

A headstand obviously 😀 confidence and a good experience.

But there will be one winner of a

>>Private Online Yoga Class<<

What you have to do to take part in the raffle:
Join at least one class of each theme (3 in total) and create an IG post and story for each class tagging @marie.luna.lu

How to join the classes:

Download the Actio App. It’s a FREE livestream App with loads of Yoga, Meditation & Self-Development classes.

Follow my actio coach profile & “join” the “Headstand Challenge” classes.

Enjoy the challenge

Free Meditations

These meditations help you to practice organising and calming your mind.They will be frequently updated….

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