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“Marie has been training me for more than half a year now. Before that, exercising never occurred to me as a fun thing to do, but rather something useful that had to be done in order to stay as healthy as possible. With her constant positive attitude and motivation, Marie made me look forward to every session. And once I started feeling the benefits from it, it made me feel more energized and confident in my daily life.

Marie is more than just a trainer. She’s been working with me on a general healthy lifestyle including diet and sleep rhythm. When I started this journey I didn’t know what a big impact this would have on my connection to myself and even on my career choices. I can say now after 7 months that I’m a happier person because of Marie’s guidance. And I can’t wait to see where this journey will take me.

The photo shows me after a session with Marie. :)”

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I trained with Mandy for over half a year. What started as Fitness Coaching became a journey of rediscovering her innate strength and confidence.

We worked together online to do a mix of Fitness & Yoga. Many times we simply started by talking. That was very important as it allowed us to target some root problems. There are so many things we may feel alone with, but by expressing them we get the chance to experience that whatever we feel can be completely accepted. It also creates the opportunity to reshape held beliefs that do us harm.

Over time we discovered ways of bringing back joy and confidence into a body that was weakened by difficult past experiences.

I am so so proud of her and honoured by the trust Mandy put in me.

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“Marie brings and shares a wealth of enthusiasm with such a natural joy that it lightens the studio! She easily takes a constructive approach to an individual’s performance within the group and is very good at explaining things. What I think makes her special through all of this: she is always laughing, smiling and exuding joy 🙂”

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“Marie is a wonderful teacher. She is very challenging, sensitive, competent and always humorous. Her fitness training is versatile, imaginative and a lot of fun. Thank you, Marie!”

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Marie and Tomas during a photoshoot for Skill Yoga in Berlin

“Our start-up deals with the development of yoga training programs for athletes. They are trained using an app in the areas of yoga, sports science, mindfulness training and nutritional science and receive personalized coaching.

Ms Luo’s broad responsibilities included:

  • The development of training programs
  • Writing sports science blog articles
  • Close cooperation with athletes from different fields
  • The planning, supervision and evaluation of tests with athletes
  • Strategic planning in the area of ​​content development
  • Supervision and planning of video productions

Ms Luo has excellent background knowledge in the field of yoga and sports science. In combination with her practical experience in teaching, she was not only able to work out relevant knowledge, but also to convey it in a structured way.

Due to her quick comprehension and her great motivation to learn, she was also able to work in areas that were unfamiliar to her.

She always worked independently and thoroughly and inspired the whole team with her enthusiasm for her subject, her creativity and her zest for life.”